A Bob should be cut.

A bob is easy to cut and modify.On short, straight hair, this style is used the most.If you have long or curly hair, you can have a bob cut.A bob haircut is easy to style and maintain.You can cut your hair into a bob if you want to.You should gather the necessary supplies and follow a few simple steps to get the bob look. Step 1: Good shears are needed for hair cutting. If you decide to cut your own hair at home, you should look for shears that are high quality.Good cutting shears can be found at beauty supply stores.It is easier to cut hair at home with good quality shears.You should look for shears that have a blade that is sharp.Kitchen shears, household scissors, and gardening shears can damage your hair. Step 2: Purchase a hair razor and hair clippers. At a beauty supply store, you can find hair clippers.If you are going to be using this tool to cut the bob, you should get hair clippers that are electric and good quality.A hair razor is useful for cutting the bob as it will allow you to shape and trim your hair without having to do any major cutting.A dull hair razor will make it more difficult to use.Thinning shears will remove volume while creating texture on the ends of your hair. Step 3: There are hair ties and a hair comb. You will need a comb and ties.You can find these products at your local drugstore.You can use the hair comb to create even sections of your hair.You can keep sections of hair out of the way with the hair ties. Step 4: If someone else is cutting your hair, confirm the style. If you are going to have a friend cut your hair, you should talk about the steps before the cut.Before your friend starts cutting your hair, you should confirm the length and style you want.You should confirm that your friend is doing what you want with your hair during the cut.Let your friend know if the style needs to be changed so you don't end up with a long hair. Step 5: You should wash and dry your hair. Clean and dry hair is what you will need to start.It's a good idea to use your usual wash and conditioner on your hair.Blow dry it or allow it to air dry.If you have dry hair, you will not cut your hair too short, as wet hair can end up drying shorter than it looks.If you have curly or wavy hair, it is important to dry it first.Curly hair looks longer when it is wet.If you want to find your natural part before you dry your hair, you should use the hair comb.If you plan to part your hair to one side, you need to find your natural part.If you comb over the front section of your hair, you can find your natural part.Use your hand to push the hair forward.Your hair should be straight.If you notice which side of your head you usually part your hair on, you can determine your natural part.You can keep this in mind when you are cutting your hair. Step 6: Divide your hair into sections. Use the comb to divide your hair into 3 even sections, one at the back and one on either side of your head.Attach the 3 sections using hair ties.The back section should be above the back of your neck.You need to be able to slide the hair tie up and down your hair at the back, so don't tie it too tightly. Step 7: The back section needs to be cut with scissors. If you are cutting your hair yourself, you may need to use a hand mirror.If you want the back ponytail to be against your neck, move it up or down.Move the ponytail further up if you want a shorter bob.If you want a longer bob, move the ponytail further down.You can shorten the back of the bobs if they are on the shorter side.To cut underneath the back ponytail, use the cutting shears.If you have thicker hair, you may need to cut across the top of the back ponytail slowly.If you want a more blunt look, you can use the hair clippers.If you are using the hair clippers on your own hair, make sure to hold them steady as you trim it off.The back section of the ponytail will appear straight if you cut it all the way across it. Step 8: The hair razor can be used on the side sections. Once you have trimmed the back ponytail, let it go.The side ponytails need to be released.The back section and side sections should be cut with a blunt.The side sections should be the length you want for the bob after you take the hair razor and shape them.The side sections may be a bit longer than the back section if you are going for a more A-line look.The hair razor should be run through the bottom of the hair when you lift it up.This will help to shape the hair so it is at an even angle to the back section.For a straight bob look, use the hair razor to trim the side sections so they are in line with the back section.Run the hair razor through the bottom part of your hair, in an upward motion, until it is trimmed to the length of the back section. Step 9: Add more layers. You can add layers if you want to add volume to your bob.If you have thinner hair, you may want to layer it so it has more body.If you have thicker hair, you may want to avoid layers.To add layers, use a hair comb to comb out hair on the side of your head.Hold the section of hair so the ends are facing upward and use the shears to trim it.Don't cut the hair straight across, it will lead to jagged ends.Continue to do this on the sides and back of your hair, cutting the ends with the scissors pointed down and in.This will make your hair look bigger. Step 10: Take the ends of the hair and blend them. Blending the ends of your hair will make your bob look even and polished.Blending the ends will help to remove stray hair.If you want to run the hair razor on the ends of your hair, you have to lift up small pieces of hair.This will make the ends appear more blended.The ends should be blended around your entire head.If your hair is straight, spraying it with a spray bottle might be helpful.As you tidy up your bob, this will help you achieve cleaner lines.Thinning shears on the bottom of your hair will give you a softer, textured bob.

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